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Reaching for the Gold Seminars

Reaching For The Gold (RFTG) Seminars are designed to assist aspiring public safety executives, managers and supervisors with the improvement of their performance and increasing their chances for success in selection interviews for Chief of Department positions.

RFTG Seminars provide participants with:

  • Interview strategies that will position the candidate far ahead of the majority of competitors
  • The clear direction and guidance needed to achieve peak interview performances
  • Correction of the false assumptions about the dynamics of selection interviews as this level
  • Identification of the essential elements required to persuade interviewers to be supportive of you as a candidate for a Chief of Department appointment

The ultimate objective of RFTG Seminars is to help public safety leaders to achieve their career goals and maximize their chances for successfully reaching the top of their profession. The seminars include one full day of instruction and personal interaction with the presenters, a workbook with sections for note-taking, a personal strategic planning playbook, and an autographed copy of the book "Reaching For The Gold" by P. Lamont Ewell. Refreshments provided.

RFTG Seminar Principals/Presenters:

Lamont Ewell is a retired City Manager and former Metropolitan Fire Chief with 35 years of public sector experience. Highly regarded for having made the promulgation of values a hallmark of the public sector experience, he successfully led the cities of Durham, North Carolina; San Diego, California; and Santa Monica, California.

Clark Wurzberger has served as Senior Vice President of The Mercer Group, Inc. for the past fourteen years. He has had thirty years of diverse public sector experience at the local, state and federal levels. For the past twenty years, he has assisted many police and fire services professionals with their participation in recruitment and selection processes for Chief of Department and senior leadership positions in the field of public safety.

Mr. Ewell and Mr. Wurzberger are fully committed to helping professional public safety leaders succeed in the achievement of their professional goals and to enjoy the rewards and benefits of successful careers in public safety and municipal government.


Jack Clancy Associates

The Mercer Group is very pleased to announce the formation of a new strategic alliance with Jack Clancy Associates (JCA). Since 1980, JCA has specialized in designing, developing and administering assessment procedures for law enforcement, fire service, and general supervisory and executive management for clients throughout the country. Their trademark practice areas include the following:

Job analysis

Assessment centers

Performance tests

Structural interviews

Management style evaluations

Management succession planning

These ares of specialization complement the Mercer Group's executive recruitment and long-range planning strategies. We are excited about this new relationship.


Jack Clancy, Principal


Matthew Gruver, Principal

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Jack Clancy Associates

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