Mercer Group Strategic Alliances provide our clients with the synergistic power of multiple companies to broaden the scope and expertise of our services.


Jack Clancy Associates

The Mercer Group is very pleased to announce the formation of a new strategic alliance with Jack Clancy Associates (JCA). Since 1980, JCA has specialized in designing, developing and administering assessment procedures for law enforcement, fire service, and general supervisory and executive management for clients throughout the country. Their trademark practice areas include the following:

Job analysis

Assessment centers

Performance tests

Structural interviews

Management style evaluations

Management succession planning

These ares of specialization complement the Mercer Group's executive recruitment and long-range planning strategies. We are excited about this new relationship.


Jack Clancy, Principal


Matthew Gruver, Principal

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Jack Clancy Associates

P.O. Box 1658

Fair Oaks, CA 95628


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